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Steven P. Bell

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Subway Owner, 354 design & Sales Career

My Resume:

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    Subway Owner - Entrepreneur
    Founded in 2010

  • Founded in 2010. My Company has grown initially from one Subway Store in 2010 to five stores in a three years. Annual sales are 3.2 million dollars, with double-digit sales growth in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017 outpacing the markets 3 to 6% growth rate.
  • Job responsibilities include: Sales Forecasting, Bookkeeping, Financial Analysis & Accounting, Store Leases, Lease Renewals, New Store Procurement/Development, Hiring, HR, Training, General Manager, Store Manager and Employee development.

    354 design - (354design.com)
    Founded in 1993

  • 354 design was founded in 1993. We’re an Internet Web Design Company focusing on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and light backend web development. My company builds creative web presences that are responsive and viewable on all the devices we incorporate into our lives on a daily basis. In 1996, 354 design had a client base of 75 companies and in two short years we were working with over 150 companies. Our work has been featured on the following national television shows; NBC Today Show, WNBC - New York, Martha Stewart Show, The Doctors Show and FOX News.
  • Coding Skills: HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, and JQUERY & JAVASCRIPT. Software Proficiency: Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Flash and InDesign.

    Sales: London International
    NW Area Broker Manager:
    Key Accounts: Costco, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Lucky Stores, Raley’s, Haggens Food, Payless, WinCo, Longs Drug, Unified Grocers, Associated Grocers and Food 4 Less.

  • Ranked #2 Nationwide Sales vs. Quota 1993
  • Runner-up Area Sales Manager of the Year 1993
  • Ranked #3 Nationwide Sales vs. Quota 1992

    Sales: Colgate Palmolive
    Key Account Manager:
    Key Accounts: Safeway, Lucky Stores, Raley’s, Longs Drug, and Fleming Wholesale.

  • Ranked #1 KAM in West Coast Region Sales vs. Quota in 1991
  • Won Three Regional Sales Contests in 1991
  • Colgate Winner Circle Award – Top 10% KAM Sales vs. Quota 1991
  • Colgate Silver Circle Award – Top 30% KAM Sales vs. Quota in 1990

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